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As a Surface Premier Partner Onwijs has developed several multitouch applications. You can find an overview on the Surface page.
Onwijs is specialised in the development of educational and informational multimedia software for public places like schools, libraries, museums and at home.

The emphasis with Onwijs products lies on ease of use, originality, graphics and design, the final polish and the inventive use of different types of media (software, print, video, internet).

This website will tell you more on the educational programs and projects developed by Onwijs.

Onwijs has also been active on more informational projects for television, video, dvd and the internet under a different name: eeZee-media.
There is more information on these activities at the (Dutch) site:
Learn together
Since November 2008 Onwijs has been investing a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm in a (then) new technology: the multitouch interface like the Microsoft Surface™ and the Smart Table.
There are numerous promising possibilities for use in educational settings or in places like libraries and museums, as can be seen from several projects and demo's Onwijs is or has been working on.

Read more about our Surface-projects on the Surface-page or have a look at this video.


Download Mariquita
Mariquita Mariquita is a searching game which demonstrates that a multitouch application can be simple and fun. It was shown at the CES in Las Vegas, at the introduction of the new Sur40.
You can now download it as a demo application for the Sur40.
Nederland Leest 2010
For the 2010 edition of the national manifestation Nederland Leest (Holland Reads) Onwijs made an new presentation for the Microsoft Surface. This year the subject was a book called The big ward by Jacoba van Velde.

nll2010 Onwijs also made a short film impression about the author.

News coverage on the manifestation included a short view of the Surface application.

The features a web version of the presentation, along with the film impression.
Surface at school ( IV ) - De Barkentijn
June 2010 pupils and teachers at primary school De Barkentijn in Rotterdam RuimteRekenen had the opportunity to try out a Surface unit with over 30 educational multitouch Onwijs applications .

A novelty with this pilot was that pupils could create their own TipTile-presentation and can view it on the Surface.

Look here for a video impression.
The Forgotten Bombardment
On May 17 it´s been 70 years ago that a great part of the city Middelburg was destroyed by German bombs. Het Zeeuws Archief, the Gemeente Middelburg and the Adriaan van Westreenen Foundation organized a grand memorial.

Middelburg Onwijs is one of the sponsors and developed 2 Surface applications for the exposition at City Hall. These will reflect Middelburg before the war, the bombing and the reconstruction, using historic photographs and movies and eye witness reports.

Onwijs also made a documentary on eye witness Mr. C.J.P. van Westreenen.
Surface at school ( III ) - De Trampoline
Primary school De Trampoline in Leidschendam is the first Dutch school that has its own Surface unit.
It will be used in a project where several innovative technologies will be tested.

CombinatieSpel Starting April the 6th first and second graders (4-6 yrs.) will try out seven exercises, developed by Onwijs, partly in cooperation with students from Hogeschool Rotterdam.
Surface at school ( II ) - De Schakel
From March 22nd until April 14th children at primary school de Schakel in Eibergen are testing out several new technical devices in the classroom, like laptops, voting devices, game consoles and touch-tables. This is part of a project called Learning of the future, which is an initiative of SURFNet/Kennisnet, an organisation funded by the Dutch government.

Koppelbreuken Onwijs developed a collection of Surface-applications dealing with fractions (math). In five exercises pupils can train their knowledge on fractions, decimals and percentages on the multi-touch table.

Here are some (Dutch) news clips on the project from Jeugdjournaal and Editie NL.
Surface at school - De Clipper
On November 20th primary school De Clipper in Rotterdam opened their new media centre. To help celebrate this Onwijs demonstrated one of the newest type of media: the Surface.

Special guests for the festivities were Dutch writer Hans Hagen and his partner and tv-presenter Monique Hagen.
clipper The Surface features a couple of applications that were made especially for this occasion (with drawings of the Clipper pupils) and a number of educational programs and some demo's by nsquared.

The event got a lot of attention, not just from the kids, but also from the media (radio, television and newspapers).
Here is a short impression, made for television.
Surface in the library
October 23d was the starting date of a national manifestation called Nederland Leest (Holland Reads). The purpose of this project is to get more people to read (books). All activities revolve around one single book, which is freely distributed.

For the VOB, an organisation of Dutch clipper libraries, Onwijs created a Surface-application about this year's selected book (Oeroeg) and it's author (Hella S. Haasse).

The application made a tour, visiting a number of libraries all through the country.
As a bonus, we created an online version (obviously with less functionality), which can be seen at
Images for the future
In May 2008 work started on a project for the provincial library in Middelburg (Zeeuwse bibliotheek). This pilot is part of a national project Beelden voor de Toekomst (Images for the Future). Main goal of this project is preserving and disclosing the audiovisual heritage of the Netherlands. Film, television, photography and sound from several archives will be digitized and archived.

VideoQuiz Libraries are collaborating in the project to make the digitized material available for the main public. In Zeeland the pilot also focuses on educational applications.

Part of the project was selecting and adding audiovisual content around four themes for the website Besides that an (educational) videoquiz was developed on the Surface-platform. The quiz was also made available in a web-based version.


Surface 2.0
In january at CES, Microsoft and Samsung unveiled the Surface 2.0. This next generation of the Surface has the same functionality as its predecessor (multitouch, object recognition), but it uses new technology and is therefor less massive.

Although the announcement of Surface 2.0 was a complete surprise, ever since the introduction of Windows 7 Onwijs has been developing and converting applications for this (multitouch) platform.

More information on Surface 2.0 can be found at the Surface site.

TipTile iis an easy to use package for making and viewing presentations for multi-touch tables in an educational or cultural environment.

With TipTile you can create a presentation on a laptop or pc which you can then view on a Surface or other multitouch device or on a digital schoolboard.
Read more on the TipTile-site

Digikidz is a series of 34 educational cdroms with games/exercises on several different subjects, for children aged 4-12.

You can read more about this on the Digikidz page or on the (Dutch) DigiKidz website.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the wellknown character Miffy (or Nijntje as she is called in Dutch) Onwijs has made a series of 3 cd-roms aimed at very young children (18 mths. - 4 yrs).
Just before finishing primary school most Dutch pupils have to make a test. To help them prepare for these tests Onwijs has created a series of 5 DVD's with video's with information and a couple of trial tests.
In 2007/2008 Onwijs was co-developer on an educational project called MuisWijs! (MouseWise!). muiswijs
MuisWijs! is a project about healthy use of computers by children, at school as well as at home.

There is a website and a package for schools, called the MouseKit, with different types of material that can be used muiswijs for lessons. There is also a series of assignments, combined into a project on ThinkQuest projects, a free and international educational website, founded by the Oracle EducationFoundation

The MuisWijs! website contains more information (in Dutch).
mo At the end of 2006 Onwijs has started preparations on a project for a group of 12 institutions (museums and historical archivers) on Walcheren (part of the Dutch province Zeeland). mo
The project, called TreasureStories contains among others a series of comics, puzzle/exercisesheets, a promotional video and a website.

The comics were created by Koert Stavenuiter, the short stories were written by John Brosens.

The first results were presented in 2008. December 11th 2009 the development of the project was finished.
Comics, stories and more information can be found on the website.

The online Flash version of Multi Maze Mountain!

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