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Ordering Onwijs touch applications
Onwijs has developed educational applications for several touch platforms. Starting with the Surface, most applications have been ported to other multitouch platforms like the Smart Table, Windows 7 (with multitouch screen) or touch based systems like the Intel ClassMate or several digital schoolboards.
The single touch version will also work on computers with no touch screen (with mouse input).

The applications are available in these versions:


These programs will only work on the Surface 1.0. With the release of Surface 2.0 new versions will become available.

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Smart Table
The Smart applications look identical to the Surface versions.

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Windows 7 multitouch
The "plain" multitouch applications will work on most Windows7 systems that have a multitouch screen. They will need a (one time) installation of some supporting files.

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The singletouch versions will work on a system running Windows 7, Windows Vista or (under some conditions) Windows XP.

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