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SoccerSaver v3.6
SoccerSaver turns your screen into a soccer field with 3D rendered players running around in an attempt to play a game of soccer.

You can change the players' outfits and choose which teams you want to play against one another.
There are also several options to change the appearance of the playing field.

Restrictions to the demo version:
- you can choose from 4 outfits while the registered version has 8 outfits and more will be added on request.
- you can't change or display player names or statistics.
- no support for packages with additional team outfits.
SoccerSaver is shareware.The registration fee is $10.
Register here.
The registration code will be sent to you by e-mail.

- change the appearance of the field by adding lines, bumps or a mowing pattern.
- project a message on the grass; you can set the font, alignemnt and brightness.
- keep track of the score.
- choose the outfit and names of the two teams.
- change and display the names of the separate players.
- keep track of the statistics for each player.
In v3.3:
- speed option
- support for packages with additional team outfits.
In v3.4:
- different looks for individual players.
In v3.5:
- InterGalactic players added.
In v3.6:
- configurable number of players(3-6) for each team
- more options to change the look of the players
- new layout for setting screen
Get more outfits for the players.
You can now install additional packages with new outfits for the players.
If you register you'll get information on how to download the packages.

On this page you can view the kits.

Note: the additional packages only work in the registered version.

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