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Images for the Future
Beelden voor de Toekomst (Images for the Future) is a nationwide project, aimed at preserving and disclosing audiovisual material stored in several archives.

One of the partners in the project are the Dutch libraries, represented by the VOB. Libraries are more and more shifting towards disclosing new types of content to their usergroup.
Four library organisations started pilot projects to develop new concepts to bring the digitized audiovisual heritage to their users.

VideoQuiz One of them is the Zeeuwse bibliotheek (Zeeland library) in Middelburg and since 2008 Onwijs has been working with them on developing a concept for educational purposes, as well as for the general public.

Four themes were chosen and videomaterial was selected and added to Zeeland's heritage portal Using this material an (educational) videoquiz was developed for the Surface-platform. The quiz is also available as a web application.
The quiz was developed in a way that new themes and material can be added.
For the Zeeuwse bibliotheek Onwijs has been working on a new type of bookmobile, specifically aimed at use in an educational context.

Zeeland is a province with lots of small villages, with people moving away and stores closing. As a reaction to that the Zeeland library developed a new concept: a bookmobile offering additional services, like the sale of tickets for theaters or public transport, postal services and an ATM.

After seeing the success of this 'ServiceBookMobile' the library decided to develop a second one, this time for educational purposes. The project started in 2007 and since then Onwijs has been working on developing the educational side of the concept. The SchoolServiceMobile is scheduled to start touring in 2010.

Schatverhalen van Walcheren
Schatverhalen, literally translates as Treasure Stories. It is a unique project, joining 12 museums and archives on the island Walcheren in a collective effort to attract more young visitors.

In 2006 Onwijs started developing the concept. For each museum a package is created with a story (written by a well known fiction writer), a comic and worksheets.

Main characters in the comics are Mo en Maatje.
This couple zaps through the ages and goes treasure hunting in Vlissingen in the 17th century, helps the Scottish Mary Stuart find her lamb and discovers Easter Island, next to Jacob Roggeveen.

More information about Schatverhalen van Walcheren can be found on
Thinkquest Projects
Thinkquest Projects is a free learning platform where teachers and students create learning projects, participate in a website competition, and browse a library of student projects. Onwijs created three projects for the site:

Geinige getallen (Funny numbers) about numbers in all their varieties

IJverige ijzertijd
(Iron age) tells about how people lived in the iron age.

Toevallig ook taal
(Languages) handles all types and sorts of languages, form sign language, to Esperanto.

Go to the Thinkquest site to log in or sign up.
MuisWijs! (MouseWise!) is a project about how children use computers. Onwijs helped develop the educational part of the project which consisted of a kit with information, tools and worksheets.

More information can be found on the (Dutch) MuisWijs! website.

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