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July 9th 2011 - Exhibit Breda Museum
On July 9th, an exhibition was opened in the Breda Museum on the city of Breda during the Eighty Years' War. Onwijs has developed two interactive map applications for this exhibition which show information about the siege of the fortified city during the years of 1615-1637. Visitors can examine two detailed engravings from the museum's collection.
May 27th 2011 - Month of Thriller Novels
Onwijs has developed a new Surface game for the Month of Thriller Novels. On this interactive CrimeMap, users are challenged to use their sleuthing skills to solve a number of mysterious disappearances.
April 12th 2011 - Launch Historical Infopoint Leiden
On April 12th 2011 the Historical Infopoint Leiden was launched. The initiative came from library organisation BplusC and the Leiden Regional Archive. During the opening ceremony, Alphons Siebelt held a lecture on the Soldiers of Orange, a Dutch partisan movement during the Second World War. Onwijs, in association with the Leiden Regional Archive, has developed a multitouch application on the resistance in Leiden during the Second World War for this Infopoint. The application consists of an interactive historical map, featuring documents from the war, unique film footage and archive information, organised in 36 different stories.
17 maart 2011 - Mini-Symposium multi-touch
Samen met bibliotheek Hilversum organiseerde Onwijs op 17 maart een mini-symposium over multitouch. Sprekers waren onder meer mensen van ProBiblio, Microsoft en Bibliotheeknetwerk ZHZO. Naast het plenaire gedeelte konden deelnemers ook een aantal workshops volgen, onder meer over werken met TipTile en conceptontwikkeling voor multitouch. Verschillende bibliotheken, archieven en musea uit heel Nederland waren aanwezig.
16 maart 2011 - Officiële presentatie De ColumBus
Na jaren plannen maken en voorbereiden is in maart de nieuwe OnderwijsServiceBus van de Zeeuwse Bibliotheek met een officiële bijeenkomst gepresenteerd. Onder de naam De ColumBus rijdt er een nieuwe bibliotheekbus door Zeeland, met een speciaal op het onderwijs afgestemd programma. Onwijs heeft voor het totstandkomen van dit project research verricht binnen het Zeeuwse onderwijs en geadviseerd bij het samenstellen van het educatieve aanbod. In de bus staat (o.a.) een Surface multitouch-tafel met meer dan 40 educatieve applicaties van Onwijs. Kijk voor meer informatie op de projecten-pagina of op de site van de ColumBus.
1 maart 2011 - Trijntje, de oudste vrouw van Nederland
Onwijs heeft een TipTile applicatie gemaakt voor Bibliotheeknetwerk ZHZO over Trijntje, de ´oudste vrouw van Nederland´. Trijntje leefde ongeveer 7000 jaar geleden, het is het oudste menselijke skelet dat in Nederland is gevonden.
De applicatie geeft informatie over de Steentijd en het Trechterbekervolk en het is een onderdeel van een groter project dat Onwijs voor deze bibliotheek-organisatie ontwikkelt. Het project is bestemd voor bezoekers van de bibliotheek, voor het onderwijs, het historisch informatiepunt en internet. Belangrijke onderdelen van het project zijn de multitouch-applicatie en een lespakket.
16 februari 2011 – Onwijs in STIC in Brussel
Op 16 februari 2001 was Onwijs te gast op het School Technology Information Center (STIC) in Brussel. Daar heeft Onwijs een aantal educatieve multitouch-applicaties geschonken voor de Surface van het STIC, onder meer over de Historische Canon.
January 25-29 2011 - Historische Canon & NOT
It started out as a Surface-project but turned into a complete package about the history of the Netherlands, seen through 50 selected highlights. The 50 applications can be used on touch screens, digital schoolboards, and ordinary laptops or desktops. At the NOT in Utrecht (a big trade exhibition on educational material) the package was presented for the first time.
Read more (in Dutch) on
January 12ht 2011 - Mariquita on AppUp
Mariquita is a customized version of a Surface-application, specially suited for netbooks like the SkoolMate (a Dutch version of the IBM ClassMate). The "Lite" version (10 levels plus a bonus level) is available for free through the Intel AppUp store.
October 22nd 2010 - Nederland Leest 2010
For the CPNB (the Dutch organisation to promote books and literature) Onwijs made a Surface application for Nederland Leest 2010. The application displays information on an almost forgotten Dutch author, Jacoba van de Velde and her book De grote zaal (published in English as The big ward), which is the center piece of this years mánifestation. More information and a Flash preview can be found on this site.
October 6th 2010 - Kinderboekenweek 2010
Onwijs created a multitouch application for the Kinderboekenweek van 2010, a national manifestation to promote youth literature. Theme of the manifestation was stories and illustrations. The application showed several images and illustrations from books by Mirjam Oldenhave, Daan Remmerts de Vries and Philip Hopman.
September 23d 2010 - Onwijs PicNic
Onwijs was present at the PICNIC, a technology and innovation fair in Amsterdam, as a guest of Microsoft to demonstrate some of the Surface applications Onwijs has created.
September 22nd 2010 - Minisymposium multi-touch
In September Onwijs organized a meeting, in cooperation with the Rotterdam library, for people interested in the use of multi-touch in libraries. Part of the meeting was a demonstration on working with TipTile.
June 4th 2010 - New: TipTile
Onwijs made a number of Surface-applications similar to the Oeroeg application for the Holland Reads project. The editor we used to create those application is now ready to be released. With this TipTile editor anyone can make their own TipTile and view them on a Surface unit.
During the pilot project at primary school De Barkentein pupils have already created their own presentations.
June 2nd 2010 - Surface at school - De Barkentijn
June 2nd we started a new pilot on a school in Rotterdam, De Barkentijn, where children and teachers could try out over 30 educational applications made by Onwijs. Look here for a video impression.
May 19th 2010 - Tong Tong Fair
In commission with Het Nationaal Archief, Onwijs created a Surface application on Dutch-Indonesian history. It can be seen at the Tong Tong Fair in The Hague from May 19-30. The Tong Tong Fair, formerly Pasar Malam Besar, is the largest Eurasian festival in the world.
May 17th 2010 - The Forgotten Bombardment
May 17th people in Middelburg commemorated the destruction of the historic city centre 70 years before. As part of an exposition in the restorated town hall of Middelburg Onwijs created two Surface applications with historic material and a short documentary of eye witness mr. C.J.P. van Westreenen.
April 2010 - Surface at school - De Trampoline
Starting April 6th first and second graders at primary school De Trampoline will be working with a collection of Surface-applications, developed by Onwijs. Seven exercise will help the children train their language and logical skills.
March 2010 - Learning of the future
As part of the project Leren van de Toekomst (Learning of the Future) Onwijs developed a collection of Surface applications to be used at primary school De Schakel in Eibergen. There are five exercises on fractions, decimals and percentages.
Some video impressions of the project can be seen at Jeugdjournaal and at Editie NL.
March 2010 - IPON
March 10 and 11 Onwijs attended the IPON, a large event on education and IT. There was a demonstration of Surface-applications on history (Historische Canon) and other subjects and a presentation on cooperative learning.
February 2010 - Education & IT
February Onwijs presented some educational Surface-applications on the Onderwijs & ICT event and held a presentation on cooperative learning.
January 2010 - TipTile Alpha
Testing of the alpha-version of the TipTile-editor started. With the editor one can create TipTiles - presentations with images, video, sound and text for the Surface or other multi-touch devices.
16 december - Presentation Images for the Future
A symposium on digital durability at the Zeeuwse Bibliotheek was the stage for the official presentation of the pilot for the Images for the Future project. Several activities gave the visitors the chance to see the results, among which was the educational Surface-VideoQuiz.
Here you can read more about the project. A web version of the quiz is available here.
11 december - TreasureStories presented
An official presentation at the Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum meant the conclusion of the development phase of the TreasureStories project. Young visitors of the 12 paricipating museums and archives can collect and enjoy the comics and puzzle sheets. At the site they can find the short stories, information on the organisations and more.
November 2009 - Surface at school
On November 20th De Clipper, a primary school in Rotterdam, opened it's new media center. For the occasion Onwijs prepared a presentation with a Surface-unit at the school. Three weeks pupils and teachers have been able to try out this new technologie.
This is a newspaper article on the event.
October 2009 - VideoQuiz test
The Surface VideoQuiz Onwijs has developed as part of the pilot for Images of the Future, passed a first test at the Zeeuwse Bibliotheek.
October 23 2009 - Holland Reads takes off
Nederland Leest, the national project to encourage reading was officially launched, with some VIP guests. This included the presentation of the Surface-application Onwijs created about Hella S. Haasse and her book Oeroeg. The application will be touring libraries all through the country.
More information and an (adapted) web version of the application can be found at
October 2009 - TreasureStories complete
With the of a comic, a short story and sheets for Historical Shipyard C.A. Meerman Onwijs completed the collection of 12 TreasureStories. Check for information on the participating organisations, a preview of the comics, the complete short stories and more.
September 2009 - Onwijs Mediawise
Mediawijs (Mediawise) is a symposium, organised by the VOB on media awareness. It took place in Madurodam in The Hague and Onwijs presented a few Surface-applications, among which the one for Nederland Leest.
September 2009 - Surface at Manuscripta
In cooperation with the VOB Onwijs attended Manuscripta, a convention to start off the literary season.
This was the first presentation of a pilot version of the Surface-application for Nederland Leest.
August 2009 - New TreasureStories
The comic, short story and puzzle sheets for Fort Rammekens are finished. Children visiting the old fortress will now also be able to participate in the TreasureStories-project.
August 2009 - Holland Reads - start
Onwijs started developing a Surface-application, commissioned by VOB, which will be part of Nederland Leest (Holland reads), a national project to incourage people to read books. Main subject of the program will be the book Oeroeg by Hella S. Haasse, which is also the focal point of the NL-project.
Spring 2009 - Still more TreasureStories
Museum Arnemuiden and Gemeentearchief Vlissingen are added to the collection TreasureStories.
April 2009 - MouseWise! passed the test
A study by TNO reveals that the educational package which was part of the MouseWise! project had a positive effect on both behaviour and knowledge on health guidelines when using a computer.
April 2009 - Surface at the IPON
Onwijs was a guest of Microsoft at the IPON (a convention on technology and innovation in education), to present three educational applications for the Microsoft Surface™.
March 2009 - Even more TreasureStories
Story, comic and exercise/puzzle sheets for the Bunkermuseum in Vlissingen are ready for distribution.
The site gives a preview.
Early 2009 - Images for the Future quiz
As part of the pilot for the Images of the Future project Onwijs has started, in cooperation with Logica, on the development of a videoquiz for the Surface-platform.
December 2008 - Surface
In October Onwijs started with the development of three educational applications for the Microsoft Surface™, commissioned by the Zeeland Library in Middelburg and in cooperation with Logica. The first results were three demo's which were presented on the Innovation Seminar held by Logica on December 11th.
This is the press release.
November 2008 - More TreasureStories
The sixth package was finished and will be handed out to (young) visitors of museum Terra Maris. Check out for a preview.
September 2008 - ThinkQuest Projects
Onwijs has created three projects on the educational site Thinkquest Projects: Grappige getallen (Funny Numbers), IJverige ijzertijd (Iron Age) and Toevallig ook taal (language types). These projects are freely available for schools subscribed to Thinkquest Projects.
Go to ThinkQuest Projects to log in or sign on. The projects are frequently showcased in the Spotlight on the main page.
June 2008 -
The educational project Onwijs is working on as part of Beelden voor de Toekomst will be part of, a website dedicated to the cultural heritage of Zeeland. This addition is part of complete restyling of the site.
May 2008 - MultiMaze Flash
The Flash version of Multi Maze Mountain is finished and comes online.
It's completely functional and free to play.
You can find it here.
Spring 2008 - Images for the Future (Beelden voor de Toekomst)
Beelden voor de Toekomst is a large national project, aimed on the reservation and digitisation of Dutch audiovisual heritage. In plain language that means that old films, tv shows, photographs, sound recordings and other audiovisual materials are stored in digital form. There are four pilot projects, one of which will be developed by Onwijs. A selection of the material will be made available to both the general public as well as educational institutions, embedded in a relevant context.
April 2008 - Presentation TreasureStories
The first five stories in the series were presentend in the Zeeland maritime museum (muZEEum) in Vlissingen. Five musea received their packets with comics, stories and a puzzle sheet and the website was launched with a promotional video. The site gives a preview of the material.
Januari 2008 - MouseWise!
Onwijs contributed to the MuisWijs! project by remaking the educational part. It consists of a package with assignments, measuring instruments, a website and a poster with an overview of the tips and recommendations. The (Dutch) site contains more information.


September 2007 - TreasureStories pilot
The pilot for the museum project is finished and the first results are presented to the participants. There is a first draft of a promotional video, the website is setup and comics and puzzles/exercises for two of the museums are shown.
April 2007 - TreasureStories launched
The promotional project for the museums on Walcheren is launched under the new name TreasureStories (translated). There are 10 participating institutions, among which two historical archives. A pilot is scheduled to be finished in September.
February 2007 - Lumbricus added to the site
Lumbricus is a new Flash test, a classic game in a new incarnation. It's about books...
November 2006 - Treasures of Walcheren
At the request of two museums on Walcheren (part of the Dutch province Zeeland) and with support of a local bank, preparations have begun for a project to promote the regional museums, specifically aimed at children.
May 2006 - SoccoFobia
SoccoFobia is the first real Flash game by Onwijs>. It is mainly an experiment and demo, meant to try out the different possibilities. The first version can be playerd here.
Nov 2005 - Test DVD
In the spring work began on a series of five DVD's that were aimed at helping (Dutch) children prepare for the tests they get at the end of primary school. The DVD's each contain seven video clips, examples of questions with explanations and three interactive trial tests. This page shows the whole series.
July 2005 - Miffy, friends and family
Miffy, friends and family, the third title in the Miffy series is released.
May 2005 - Miffy goes out
The second title in the series, Miffy goes out, is released.
April 2005 - Miffy plays
To celebrate the 50th birthday of Miffy, AWBruna multimedia releases a new serie of Miffy cdroms. The first title, Miffy plays is released in May. Two more titles are in preparation.
Beginning of 2005 - Last 2 Digikidz (?)
Two new titles: one about English (sentences and grammar) and one about (long) divisions. Check the (Dutch) Digikidz site for more information.
September 2004 - Two new Digikidz
Two new Digikidz titles appeared, one about proverbs, the other about (long) divisions. Check the (Dutch) Digikidz site for more information.
29 juni 2004 - New SoccerSaver version 3.6
In this new version you can select the number of players you want to field as well as their appearances. There are also some generic optimisations (visible and invisible) .
Mei 2004 - More new Digikidz
The series grows to thirty titles with five new additions about math and topography. Check the (Dutch) Digikidz site for more information.
7 april 2004 - New kits for SoccerSaver
There is a new package of additional kits available for (the registered version of) SoccerSaver. Check here for more information.
February 2004 - Duizend v2.0
The new version of the free mathsheet creator Duizend is (finally) online, with new functionality like fractions and negative numbers.
January 2004 - New Digikidz
New titles for 4-6 year olds: Letters en Klanken and Ruimtelijk Inzicht.
November 2003 - Pilot ready
The testversion for the pilot for the new educational cdrom project is finished (see below).
Fall 2003 - RekenRoms republished
The series of four RekenRoms has been republished by AWBruna.
Summer 2003 - More new Digikidz
New titles: OntledenRom WoordSoorten, GeldRekenRom 5/6, BreukenRom 7/8, WerkwoordenRom 7/8, TopoRom Nederland en België
April/May/June 2003 - New project
After almost a year of preparations, work has started on a new project. Name and subject are still a bit of a secret. The project exists of a cdrom with games, information and video fragments and is aimed at primary schools. It will be published by Dutch educational publisher Thieme-Meulenhoff. The pilot is planned for fall 2003.
Spring 2003 - More new Digikidz titles
New titles: GeldRekenRom 3/4, OntledenRom Zinsdelen, VormenRom , Maten en GewichtenRom 5/6
Autumn 2002 - More new Digikidz
WerkWoordenRom 5/6 (verbs) and KlokKijkRom 3/4 (clocks) are out.
July 2002 - New Digikidz titles
Three new titles were added to the Digikidz series: LeesRom 3/4 (reading), BreukenRom 5/6 (fractions) and ProcentenRom (percentages).
Here is the Digikidz website (Dutch).
June 2002 - SoccerSaver v3.4
Maybe because of the WC in Japan/South Korea another new version, with different looks (colour) for individual players.
Also a new expansion pack (#2) with additional outfits.
Read more.
20 may 2002 - SoccerSaver v3.3
This new SoccerSaver versions offers support for additional packages with new club outfits. It also has a speed option.
More information can be found on the SoccerSaver page.
April 2002 - New Digikidz titles
Two more new titles were added to the Digikidz series: GetallenRom (numbers) and SommenRom 3/4 (calculus).
Here is the Digikidz website (Dutch).
8 march 2002 - Nomination Maki-award
One of the titles from the Digikidz-series has been nominated for the Maki-award!
The Maki award is a Dutch award for edutainment software. Read more about it on this page (Dutch).
March 2002 - New Digikidz titles
Two new Digikidz titles appeared this month: SpellingRom 5/6 and SpellingRom 7/8.
Two new titles are ready for testing and the next three are in the make.
Read more about the Digikidz cdroms on the Digikidz-website (Dutch).
9 feb. 2002 - Multi Maze Mountain 2 v1.2
Almost a year after the previous (test-)version a new version of Multi Maze Mountain is in its beta-stage. It features a series of small improvements and can now be played in five different languages.
If you're interested in testing the beta-version send a message to
Go to the Multi Maze Mountain page.
1 feb. 2002 - EuroSaver
In the slipstream of attention for the Euro introduction, the EuroSaver has been downloaded for 40.000 times in the month January! Go to the EuroSaver page
17 jan. 2002 - EuroSaver DeLuxe
The first version of EuroSaver was published in June 2000 and used the graphics that were available at that time. In January 2002 the Euro was officially introduced and the actual appearance of the bills and coins became clear. For that occasion EuroSaver has been updated, with new graphics and improved performance.
Only a selection of coins is used in the screensaver. The complete collection of coins, from all 12 participating countries, can be found in a DeLuxe version of EuroSaver.
You can read more about this on the EuroSaver page.
9 nov. 2001 - FussballSchoner
The German branch of internet provider AOL wanted a special version of the SoccerSaver for promotion of their business. Several improvements were made to the screensaver, not the least of which is the possibility to play along in a game of soccer!
With all the text in German the program was renamed to FussballSchoner. This fully functional screensaver is absolutely free and you can download it here.
Read more about this on the SoccerSaver page.
November 2001 - DigiKidz
It took a while longer but the first titles AWBruna's series of educational cdroms are ready to be published. The name of the series has been changed to DigiKidz. With the first five titles ready, preparations have started on the next set of cdroms as well as on some expansion sets for the first titles.
You can find more information on the (Dutch) DigiKidz website.
12 sept. 2001 - MadamAndEve
The South-African company Rapid Phase asked for a screensaver based on the South-African hit comic MadamAndEve.
To check out the screensaver you have to join the MadamAndEve CyberClub.
29 aug. 2001 - EuroSaver
DHL's European branch in Brussels wanted to be prepared for the introduction of the Euro in 2002, a.o. with a customized version of the EuroSaver. This version is meant only for use at DHL-offices.
May 2001 - EduTrainer
Work has started on a new series of educational cdroms, which will be published by Dutch publisher AWBruna. The series will be called EduTrainer and the first five cdroms will appear in September. In the fall five more are to follow.
24 april 2001 - SoccerSaver 3.2
Version 3.1 had some new features, but was soon followed by version 3.2, with even more improvements. You can now give each player a name and keep track of its statistics during the 'game'. The player tactics have also been slightly improved. A better way of handling the graphics resulted in a much smaller file.
Read more on the SoccerSaver page.
7 april 2001 - SoccerSaver 3.0
This new version is really a major update. Previous versions only had a bouncing ball, in this version you can choose two teams to play a game of soccer.
Read about it and all the new features on the SoccerSaver page.
9 march 2001 - Multi Maze Mountain 2 at #1
SoftSeeks software site features top lists of downloads for each section. Multi Maze Mountain entered that list at #1! Take a look here, as long as it lasts.
(PS Don't bother to look for the SoftSeek site, it has been taken down. The link above goes to a copy of the page.)
7 march 2001 - Multi Maze Mountain 2 v1.1b
Again a new version with some small changes, mainly in the French translation.
3 march 2001 - Multi Maze Mountain 2 v1.1
A quick new version, v1.1, with a couple of bugs removed and with the added possibility to enter a code to register the program. That way you don't have to download the whole full version.
24 feb. 2001 - Multi Maze Mountain 2
Multi Maze Mountain 2 has survived it's test phase. There have been couple of minor changes and some new options have been added. Besides that the program has been translated to English and French. More languages to come.
24 feb. 2001 - New website
The previous version of this website was Dutch only. With the addition of the screensaver section as well as the english version, the website could do with an overhaul. Remarks or reports of spelling mistakes or other errors are welcome at
15 feb. 2001 - Multi Maze Mountain 2 test version
Multi Maze Mountain 2 is ready for testing.
The program is upgraded with new, 3D-rendered graphics and sound effects. The graphics were rendered with the freeware raytracer POV-Ray.

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