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Since 2008 Onwijs Onwijs has been involved in several software projects on the Microsoft Surface. For information on those projects go to the Surface page.

This sections is about our other software projects.
In 2001 Onwijs started on a series of educational cdroms for AWBruna. The project involved concept development, content, design and programming for a final total of 34 titles.

Each DigiKidz-title contains a number (8-9) game-like exercises (playable on three levels) which can serve as additional training for school subjects. In a race against the clock you can test your abilities and progress.

The DigiKidz-page has a full list of all titles.

The (Dutch) homepage for the series can be found at DigiKidz.


To celebrate the fiftieth birthday of the popular Dick Bruna character Miffy (Nijntje in Dutch) Onwijs produced a series of three cdroms for publisher AWBruna.

The titles are aimed at young children (age 1-4 yrs.). Each title consists of four sections, with stories, a coloring book and several semi-educational games.

The unique thing is that even very young children can control the games, with the mouse or random keyboard strokes.

There are three title (all in Dutch): Nijntje gaat spelen (Miffy plays), Nijntje trekt er op uit (Miffy goes out) and Nijntje, vriendjes en familie (Miffy, friends and family).


rr_2 MathRoms are a small series of 4 educational cdroms about Math. Besides concept, content, design and programming, the project also involved a lot of 3D-modelling. The cartoonish images have special theme for each title (forest gnomes, castle guards, cavemen and bank tellers. (The forth title was published around the introduction of the Euro, so it had a money theme).

Check the MathRom-page for more information.
Treasure Story game
For the Treasure Stories project Onwijs developed a website with a Flash application. This functions as an introduction to the website and has a game section.
Miscellaneous programs
Duizend (Thousand) is a freeware program that produces sheets with math problems.
There are several options to specify the type of questions, with some new extra's in v2.0 like fractions and negative numbers.

MultiMazeMountain is a maze game that lets you practice your multiplication skills. Read more about it here.
Onwijs used to make original (handmade) screensavers, as freeware, shareware or custom made for companies or organisations like the City of Rotterdam, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, DHL Europe, AOL Germany and Brand Beer.

One of the last screensavers is SoccerSaver, a soccer screensaver with two teams randomly chasing a ball. Almost like the real thing.

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